About us

What is MyGig?

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, MyGig is a trusted community where individuals and businesses can list, discover, and hire professional business services, web skills, design, development, and pretty much anything a virtual assistant can do — online from a mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

With MyGig you can hire qualified experienced staff when you need them.

For an hour, a week, a month or a year.

You can utilise the skills of trained and experienced professionals and create partnerships that benefit your business, schedule and peace of mind.

Whether you need a last minute design to finish off the perfect presentation; web designer to bring your products to life or a years worth of virtual assistance to get your startup off the ground – MyGig is your competitive edge and just the support you need to reach the next level.

By hiring the services of the MyGig Team, you are also changing the lives of families all over the world. We are dedicated to transforming everyday life for thousands of incredible humans who weren’t always given many choices in their future.

Where our story began…

After an eye opening experience in the Philippines and witnessing the extreme contrasts of a world of vast beauty and yet some astonishing conditions of survival, we knew the only way to make any lasting change was to Create It.

We identified a gap in the market that affected us personally and many businesses around us and turned it into an opportunity to train, educate and transform the lives for potentially thousands of young men and women around the globe. While simplifying the way we run our lives and giving us the advantage in our business performance and productivity.

By hiring through MyGig, you are contributing to creating real and lasting change.