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100% Money Back Guarantee Business Transformation Workshop

Hourly $2,000.00 (All prices excluding GST)

100% Money Back Guaranteed 'Business Transformation Workshop' facilitated by Anton Harrison-Kern

$2000 for 3 hours. Have as many staff involved as you like.

I'm sure that we will solve any business problem that you have or shift any business blockage that you have guaranteed or your money back.

Areas that you could consider are: 

  • Company politics impacting your company culture
  • Technology issues
  • No sense of team
  • Sales issues
  • Marketing issues
  • Loss of direction
  • Too many customer complaints
  • Cash flow
  • Profit

Our no fuss, no questions asked GUARANTEE:

100% Money back guarantee: if you dont feel you got value.


15 Hours VA and Centre Donation Package

Hourly $220.00 (All prices excluding GST)

In the next 25 years we will end Hunger, Poverty, Sexual Exploitation and Inequality for 10’s of Thousands across the globe, retraining them in online admin, cleaning and other skills.