Basically anything you can imagine a qualified Virtual Assistant can do. Design, Web Skills, content, development, and so much more

Absolutely. Our systems ensure that only users of a certain standard are able to continue listing and hiring through MyGig. If you have a good or bad experience remember to leave feedback and help us maintain a positive and functional community.

We’ve begun our launch in Australia for now and but our team members are from all over the world.

Make sure you try a few variations on your search it may be there but simply under a different listing.

Yes. We’re all about creating a safe and friendly community so that you can know who is hiring, who is providing and that their offers are legitimate.

As much relevant information as you can. We don’t need to know your first dog’s name or which primary school you went to but it’s a good idea to create a profile that helps people get an understanding of who they’re going to be dealing with.

See our Policies and Terms and Conditions

Your settings can be accessed and changed in the Account area of your personal profile.

For Business Reasons, and because people what to know something about who they are hiring


Don't give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you've initiated the contact or know who you're dealing with. If a company that claims to have an account with you sends an email asking for personal information, don't click on links in the email.